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What type of kitchen layout should you have?

When building a kitchen, one important factor that everyone considers when planning the layout is the so-called “kitchen work triangle”. This triangle is an imaginary line that would connect three essential parts of the kitchen: the refrigerator for storage; the sink for cleaning and preparation; and the cooktop. Now, it is essential to plan the positioning of these things properly since it would determine the level of ease that you would have when you are working in the kitchen. The layout of the kitchen will also have an effect on the positioning that these three parts would take.

In order to help you out in planning for your kitchen, with consideration to the kitchen work triangle, here six  basic kitchen layouts:

  • One-Wall Kitchen

As the name would imply, this type of kitchen would just be the arrangement of the three essential kitchen parts in a single line. The arrangement would usually be the storage, the preparation space, then the cooking area – from left to right or vice versa. This way, the food preparation process will be in an organized, chronological manner. This is recommended for apartments or studio flats since it is space-efficient.

  • Gallery Kitchen

Also known as a walk through kitchen, this type of kitchen layout would comprise of kitchen spaces placed on parallel walls. This is also recommended for apartment type homes or any other residential spaces with limited spaces. As for the arrangement of the three essential working areas, it is usual for the storage and preparation spaces to be placed together on one side and the cooktop to be situated at the parallel wall.

  • L-Shaped Kitchen

This type of kitchen is also recommended for homes with small floor space. This layout would usually arrange the three kitchen workstations on two walls in an L-shape. One important thing to remember is that the hinge of the refrigerator should be placed on the outside corner of the layout so that it can be opened from the inner area of the space.

  • U-Shaped Kitchen

Otherwise known as the horseshoe kitchen, this type of layout would be utilizing three walls of appliances and cabinets. This type of layout would usually be recommended for homes with a wide kitchen space. For this kitchen style, it is recommended to place one of the three workstations on each side of the layout. This way, it would be easier to move around the kitchen and avoid making an unnecessary mess during the food preparation process.

  • Island Kitchen

This type of layout for kitchens is usually recommended for homes with a wider kitchen floor space. The island installed in this type of layout is a way to transform all of the aforementioned layouts into a more efficient kitchen style. The island is usually where the cleaning and preparation area is positioned; this can also serve as a countertop, a space for cabinets, and a place to eat.

  • G-Shaped Kitchen

Last on the list is the G-shaped or peninsula type kitchen. This is basically an L-shaped or U-shaped layout with a connected island which can serve as a countertop, eating area, and can even be installed with a cabinet. Since the island is already connected to one end of the layout, it is recommended for the fridge to be on the opposite side of the island.

Whichever the type of kitchen layout you would prefer from the list above, it is important that you consider the allotted floor space for this part of the house. This way you would have an efficient working area, a visually appealing kitchen, and at the same time enjoyment during the whole food preparation process.

If you need expert guidance on the type of layout you should employ, know that J.P Gallagher Construction, Inc. can help you out! We provide professional kitchen construction or renovation services here in Sacramento, CA which would start from the consultation up to the finishing of your kitchen. For more information about the types of kitchen layout that we can do for your home, please don’t hesitate to call us at 208-635-5326.