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What is the Most Practical Home Renovation this 2023?

This year is all about bringing peace and happiness to one another. For homeowners, it’s also a sign of making changes in their homes, not just for their safety but also to keep up with the current home renovation trends in 2023. However, you should only consider what part of your home needs to be renovated immediately, especially if you have a limited budget. We all know that renovating a home isn’t cheap.

If you have several issues in your home that need immediate attention, don’t be a cheapskate and have them checked as soon as you can. Disregarding the issues around your home will just make them worse, making future repair costs more expensive.

5 Home Renovations to Consider

Considering a home renovation doesn’t mean that you’ll have to change its whole appearance. It can be as simple as making your place more accessible, repainting the room to make the area look brighter, or changing the kitchen island and cabinets for a new look. With that said, check out the list below of which parts of the home should be prioritized.

    1. Fence Installation
      If you live in a not-so-safe neighborhood, such as one beside the road, then you should consider installing a fence if you have a pet or child at home. Fences are not only for your family’s protection but also for your privacy. Gallagher Construction, a home renovation company in Hayden, ID, can provide you with a construction consultation.


    1. Bathroom Renovation
      Do you have an old bathroom made during the 90s or earlier? Consider updating your bathroom with new equipment. This can include a new system, installing a new bathtub (if you have a spacious bathroom), changing the toilet bowl and cabinets, and changing the paint and tiles to achieve a new aesthetic. Bathroom renovations are also an opportunity to fix years’ worth of issues, such as clogged drains.


    1. Room Addition
      A growing family means the need for more space in a home. If you’re not planning on moving out anytime soon, then consider adding a new room, if applicable. Adding a new room or space is far better than searching for a new estate and calling for movers.


    1. Smart Home Features
      Are you a young homeowner who relies too much on technology? If yes, consider adding a smart home feature that can help make things easier with just a single tap on your mobile. Popular smart home features consist of:


      • Voice or Phone Controlled Lights and Locking System
      • Controllable Thermostat
      • Voice or Phone Controlled Appliances
      • Voice or Phone Controlled Appliances

There are several more to mention, but these are the most common smart home features you can find in most modern homes.

  1. New Siding
    If your home’s siding is warped, cracked, rotting, covered in blisters or bubbles, severely faded, or badly covered in mold or fungus, then that’s the sign you need to invest in new siding. Old, damaged siding not only risks causing weather damage to your home but also increases your energy costs.

    Aside from improving your home’s appearance, renovations also make it more energy-efficient. If you’re looking for a reliable home renovation company in Hayden, ID, we at Gallagher Construction exceed that department. Not only can you rely on our skills, but we are also fully licensed and insured for the protection of our clients and contractors.

    If you want to hire us for your home renovation project, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can contact us at 208-635-5326 or by filling out our contact form.

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