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Water Damage 101 – How to Spot Water Damage at Home

What happens when the rainy season comes and you’re not prepared for it? Naturally, water starts dripping in places you never thought it could drip – or maybe not. But, here’s what happens. Water seeps in through tiny holes on the roof and starts wreaking havoc on your ceiling. Or it could clog your roof gutters and seep through your walls and windows. Worse, it can even ruin your house’s foundation! So, what do you do when that happens? Start looking for people who are experts in remodeling & restoration somewhere in Sacramento, CA or wherever you are!

But, is rain the only cause of water damage?

Unfortunately, even without rain, there is a myriad of ways to cause water damage such as burst or leaky pipes. The really troublesome thing about leaky pipes is that it can often lead to destructive water damage in your home without being too obvious about it. This means you only notice the damage once it’s already extensive. This is often when you’ll need services for remodeling & restoration in Sacramento, CA.

So, realizing how stealthy it can be, the question now is: how do you spot water damage?

  • First, know what to look for. Look around your home for areas where there is water accumulation especially around appliances such as refrigerators, washers, water heaters, and toilets. Although puddles are quite obvious if it’s in plain sight, it’s usually harder to spot it if it’s hiding under appliances or furniture. So, make it a point to check underneath your appliances and furniture from time to time. If you don’t see any water puddles, start looking for discoloration on your ceiling. Stains on the ceiling are sure signs of water damage and the color of these stains can range from yellow to brown, and to copper. Also, don’t forget to check your walls and floors. If you see any signs of bubbling, peeling paint, and cracking in addition to staining, call the nearest water damage experts!
  • Second, follow your nose. If you can’t see any obvious signs of water damage, you’re likely to smell it first before uncovering horrors your eyes have never seen before. Don’t know what it smells like? Think along the lines of musty odors and mildew. So, aside from checking your walls and ceilings for signs of water damage, don’t forget to give your attic and basement an occasional sniff or two.
  • Third, look for water rings on the walls or ceiling. Check for sagging or soft spots on the floor especially in bathrooms and look for warped or cracked flooring. Also, although it may be easy to overlook, don’t forget to check cabinets under the sink for signs that may indicate leaking pipes. If you’ve had recent repairs done on your ceilings, walls, and windows, pay attention to those since those may have been “quick fixes” that are hiding water damage spots.
  • Fourth, sometimes you can’t see evidence of water damage, but you can actually hear it. When the house is particularly quiet and you’re alone, you might hear sounds of dripping. It can even sound like rushing water and creaking floorboards. However, you should also take note that a perfectly functioning plumbing system can also produce certain sounds. So, what you’ll be listening for are sounds that have changed.
  • Fifth, you might notice that your home is getting harder and harder to heat. If you do, then this can also be a sign that dampness is affecting your walls. How? Water and moisture will draw the heat out of your home’s walls in order to evaporate and this will then leave the whole house colder.

What do you do if you spot signs of water damage?

Well, fixing the problem yourself may be a little tempting, but just don’t. Do that and you’ll probably end up making it worse. Also, there are a number of professional companies for remodeling & restoration in Sacramento, CA that you can rely on to fix the problem for you. All you have to do is hire the right one! Luckily, J.P. Gallagher Construction, Inc. is always ready to help you out. Simply call us at 208-635-5326.