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Tub Warfare: Acrylic VS Porcelain

Photo by Rene Asmussen from Pexels

Whenever people opt for bathroom remodeling, the biggest goal they want to achieve is to make their wash areas as unique and comfortable as possible. And it’s not even surprising to know why. While it may sound far-fetched, one can make an argument that the bathroom is somewhat an extension of their sleeping quarters. After all, this is where you start preparing for a long day at work or at school, meaning that you will spend a significant amount of time inside this room. Because of this, countless people from areas such as Coeur d’Alene, ID aim to give their bathroom a makeover, customizing it to suit their needs.

Now, when it comes to bathroom renovations, one of the hardest choices you’ll ever encounter is to pick the perfect type of bathtub for your home. As you go on with your planning, it would prove difficult to find one that match your property’s overall theme. This is especially true since there are countless tub variations that have been created since its invention, all of which have different functions and features.

That being said, there are two different types of bathtubs that have remained in the hearts of many throughout history: acrylic bathtubs and porcelain bathtubs. With their balanced combination of durability and affordability, they are the premier examples of what a bathtub should be. However, there is an ongoing debate which among them is more preferable for the general populous. So, between the two, what would be the optimal choice for people in and out of California? And which would win the crown for the best type of tub? Let’s find out.

Round 1: Availability Of Sizes

One of the most important factors that you need to consider when looking for a bathtub is the availability of its sizes. Of course, you have to look for a tub that would fit your bathroom to a tee without having to create additional space. With that in mind, acrylic tubs come in different kinds of shapes, styles, and sizes. These include varieties of drop-in tubs, walk-in tubs, slipper tubs, whirlpool tubs, and even clawfoot bathtubs. Also, these kinds of tubs weigh significantly less than their counterpart. This means that it would be easier for general contractors near you to transport and install an acrylic bathtub in your wash area.

On the other hand, porcelain cast iron bathtubs are available only in limited shapes and sizes. Meaning that there might be a need for you to free up extra space in your bathroom. Apart from that, these are also considered to be one of the heavier bathtubs in the market today, making it harder for your general contractors to move it inside your home.

Winner: Acrylic

Round 2: Durability

Although it may seem as a weakness, the weight of porcelain-enameled steel bathtubs is actually its greatest strength. Why is that? Its heaviness is the result of a hard surface that is highly resistant to scratches. Although acrylic tubs are sturdy in their own right, it doesn’t quite match up to the durability that a standard bathtub made out of porcelain provides.

Winner: Porcelain

Round 3: Heat Retention

Another important factor that needs to be considered when it comes to bathtubs is its capability to retain heat. Of course, it’s a given that there are some who want to soak in warm water for a longer period of time. And if you’re one of those people, then an acrylic soaking tub would do the trick since it offers good heat retention. In contrast, porcelain tubs are only able to keep your water warm for a brief moment, which may give you an uncomfortable bathing experience.

Winner: Acrylic

Round 4: Aesthetic Appeal

One of the main reasons why people opt for a bathroom remodeling is to add a unique aesthetic appearance to their wash areas. And if you’re aiming for a vintage vibe, then a standard tub made out of porcelain is enough to give your home in Coeur d’Alene, ID the elegance you seek. While it’s true that acrylic clawfoot tubs and acrylic freestanding tubs have the potential to make your bathroom as creative as possible, it wouldn’t match the grace a porcelain can provide.

Winner: Porcelain

Round 5: Cost

And of course, the most important factor that you need to consider when looking for a suitable bathtub is your budget. As you may already know, customizing your bathroom can exhaust your finances. After all, a bath remodel isn’t as cheap as some may want it to be. So, it would be best for you to look for a bathtub that would fit within your budget.

With that in mind, the price of acrylic tubs range from $500 to $1200, depending on its style. Alternatively, you would spend around $350 to $1500 for a porcelain tub. Essentially, they have similar budget-friendly prices.

Winner: Tie

After weighing in their pros and cons, it’s no wonder why the debate has gone on this long. Both types of bathtubs have perks that cater to the needs of homeowners living in cities such as Coeur d’Alene, ID. Even though each type has its own disadvantages, they are not enough to outweigh their own benefits. At the end of the day, it all depends on what you want and what you need.

Now, if you already made a decision, then it would be best for you to look for a reliable service provider that offers bathroom remodel near you. Whether it’s an acrylic alcove tub or a porcelain corner tub, you would need to ask specialized assistance from professionals in installing your new acquisition.

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