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Trending Home Exterior Designs to Match your Taste

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Are you planning to renovate your home’s exterior but need clarification on which design will reflect your personality? Are you looking for the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality but need help knowing where to start? Look no further, because we have a guide on choosing the perfect home exterior design trends that reflect your personality. 

In this blog, we’ll take you through some reliable methods to add unique touches, create an impactful first impression, and ensure every aspect resonates with who you are. So buckle up, and let’s dive in!

Choosing the Right Home Exterior Design That Matches Your Personality

The perfect home exterior design trend for you is the one that best reflects your personality. To find it, ask yourself these four questions: 

What style of architecture do you prefer? 

What colors do you like? 

How much upkeep are you willing to do? 

Do you want a private outdoor space? 

Once you have the answers to the questions, finding the right exterior design will be much easier. Here are some popular styles to consider: 

  1. Traditional: A traditional design may suit you if you prefer classic lines and symmetry. This style often features brick or stone exteriors, columns, and dormers.  
  2. Coastal: Coastal home exteriors feature beachy hues and materials like wood, stone, and stucco. These homes often have a large porch and are usually situated near a body of water.
  3. Contemporary: This design may suit you if you like clean lines and modern materials. This style often features asymmetrical designs, large windows, and flat or shed roofs.
  4. Farmhouse: Farmhouse-style homes often use natural materials like wood, stone, and brick. These homes often feature large windows, a front porch, and a covered patio.
  5. Ranch: If you want a home with single-story convenience, ranch style may be right for you. This style is distinguished by its low profile and long horizontal shape. It’s also more affordable than other styles because it uses fewer construction materials.
  6. Industrial: Industrial home exteriors feature bold, industrial-inspired materials like steel and concrete. These homes often feature large windows, sliding doors, exposed beams, pipes, and ductwork.
  7. Craftsman: Craftsman home exteriors feature traditional details and natural materials like wood and stone. These homes often feature detailed trim work, a large front porch, and an open layout.

Budget Planning and Cost Estimation Tips

In planning the budget for your home design project, it is important to consider the materials’ costs. Prioritize what is important, research material costs, obtain multiple estimates, ask for discounts, and determine where it’s worth spending too much on or saving. Doing so can ensure you get the desired features while staying within your budget.


Exterior design is a great way to express your personality and give your home that special touch. We hope this blog has shed some light on the points you should consider when choosing the perfect exterior for your home. 

If you’re considering working with a design and build service in Hayden, Idaho. Here at Gallagher Construction, we specialize in providing high-quality home exterior design services to match your taste. Your home’s exterior can be made beautiful and useful with the help of our skilled team of professionals, who can offer you the knowledge and materials you need. Contact us today!

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