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Timeless Kitchen Color Schemes for your next Remodel

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Recently, our services in bathroom remodeling around Sacramento, CA have been getting a lot of attention. This is understandable because who doesn’t want a nice, clean and sleek-looking bathroom? But for this blog post, we’ll be talking about another equally important asset of the household: the kitchen.

Our kitchen is where we prepare food and even have some more intimate and emotional moments. Members of a family have bonded over the experience of cooking a meal and washing the dishes together.

Some people who are really into food find the process of preparing a meal completely consuming, meditative and even therapeutic. So why not amplify this effect by personalizing the aesthetic properties of your kitchen to suit your own tastes?

We are ready with our kitchen remodeling services to rebuild that space of comfort in your home—that space where wonderful culinary journeys through tastes and aromas begin. Here are some timeless kitchen color schemes for you to consider:

Splashes. If you want a contemporary spice that won’t go out of style, you can add splashes of bright or dark color to distinct furnishings or parts of the kitchen such as cabinets, chairs or window frames. Choose vibrant colors like pink or yellow or even cool soothing ones like turquoise, deep green or purple depending on the vibe you want in your kitchen.

Monochromatic. If you’re going for a house with a character that pops out right at you, emanating all kinds of happy and positive feelings, go for monochromatic colors. A kitchen such as this one utilizes an energizing red combined with a modern cooking space.

Plain white. Ah, yes. If there was a kitchen color scheme that would be truly considered timeless and classic straight down to its core, it would be plain white. Although it’s been getting a lot of flak lately from chic, contemporary kitchen connoisseurs, the plain white color scheme for your kitchen doesn’t have be to anywhere near boring.

Combined with interesting accents, such as the plant seen in the picture, or the textures of the walls, plain white color schemes can be enhanced to showcase a beautiful, minimalistic, and serene cooking space.

Colored kitchen island. For some homeowners, they consider their kitchen island to be their most valuable asset in the kitchen aesthetic-wise. And it lives up to that expectation by having multiple possibilities and opportunities in terms of what you can do with it. A colored kitchen island, for example, will tie together the whole room nicely by providing a solid countertop which people will tend to gravitate to whether it be when cooking or simple chatting.

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