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Things to expect to repair during fire or water damages to your home

Having any situation where your home is damaged by either fire or water, be it a big or small destruction, is disheartening to witness. It’s always an overwhelming experience having to clean-up a mess like what water or fire damage can produce. And this mess must only be repaired or restored by professionals. When it comes to fire or water damage, the aftermath usually involves harmful soot or chemicals, or developed fungi, algae and bacteria around the water damage. These are extremely harmful to inhale, and to be in contact with. So we always want to emphasize that it is important to leave it to the professionals. For both water damage restoration in Sacramento, or Sacramento fire damage repair the process is similar, but differ in many ways.

  1. Inspection

For both fire and water damages, this is the first step, and turns out to be the most important one. To be able to do a thorough clean-up and repair of the damages, workers must also be able to do a thorough inspection and know exactly the amount of work and where it has to be done. For fire damages, they will look into the cause of the fire to help you avoid this accident in the future. They’ll inspect the damage done to different materials, the areas where smoke and soot may have stuck to, and exactly what needs to not only be cleaned up, but also restored. For water damage, the inspection is a much more intricate process since most water damages are caused either by extreme weather or leaking pipelines within the walls of your home. Professionals will look into the different pipes you have, the possible source of the problem, and inspect what areas may have developed fungi, algae or bacteria that need cleaning up as soon as possible.

  1. Clean-up

For fire damages, this is the important second step to avoid any damages to the health of the people in the house and the workers doing the job. Any chemicals and soot left from a fire is extremely dangerous and need to be cleared out as soon as possible. Professionals are trained to know how to handle these chemicals, the soot left behind by a fire, the smoke damage too that can be harmful. This clean-up process for a fire means taking out all materials or items that’s already burnt, cleaning walls, surfaces, and assuring there’s nothing harmful left behind. For water damage, this is a different situation. This involves removing possible pools of water, cleaning up mold or algae that may have developed, cleaning up rot that water caused, and doing demolition work and structural repairs that are needed after severe damage by water. These are all important steps for the clean-up during a water damage restoration in Sacramento, or Sacramento fire damage repair process.

  1. Repair

This process is different for both water and fire damages. Usually with fire damage, the fire is already put off before any inspection to repair can be done. But when it comes to water damage, the problem is usually still ongoing; say a pipeline leak. Any Sacramento fire damage repair is typically the repair of all the damaged materials, belongings and parts of your home. It means repairing the structure if need be, electrical sockets and wires, pipes that may have been damaged, walls, windows and other parts of your home that need restoration. For water damage repair, the first thing professionals do is to fix any pipeline problem. This is because any leak will always continue to be a problem until it is repaired. After this repair, another thorough inspection will be made to make sure no other hidden pipes are leaking. And after this, then comes the water damage restoration in Sacramento of your belongings, your walls, the areas damaged by the water problem.

  1. Re-assesment

The last part of the process of repairing and restoring water or fire damages in your home, is the re-assesment. After doing the job, of cleaning up and repairing and restoring, professionals will and should always re-inspect all the parts of the home that was damaged. They must make sure nothing is left un-cleaned or un-repaired. This is important for the health of the homeowners and to ensure a job well done.

These are four main processes to expect when you are in need of a water damage restoration in Sacramento, or Sacramento fire damage repair.