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The Right Flooring Does Wonders for Your Bathroom – Here are a Few Choices

Believe it or not, your bathroom flooring actually completes the look of the room. And it’s not there just to look pretty, but it also has a lot of functionality involved. Think about it like this: your bathroom floor is bound to get wet a lot so you need tiles that are highly water-resistant. The tiles should also be easy to maintain because you don’t want to spend the majority of the day scrubbing and cleaning. Now, if you choose to have your bathroom remodeled in Coeur d’Alene, ID you know what to look for.

To help you along, we’ve put together some good bathroom flooring choices for you to consider when you eventually start your bathroom remodel in Coeur d’Alene, ID so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Ceramic Tile

This is the best material for bathroom flooring because it is waterproof, cost-effective, and stylish all at the same time. Ceramic tiles also have a wide variety of designs. Some of them even look like wood or stone so you can set a nature vibe in your bathroom. They also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes so it’s never boring and you can indulge in whatever design you want.

Wood Flooring

If you are after a more classic or elegant-looking bathroom, wood is your go-to material. With this material, your bathroom will naturally look chic while lending warmth that tiles cannot provide. However, make sure to avoid solid wood, because it will quickly warp from all the moisture. And cleaning this type of flooring will be trickier if you want it to last long. The floor must be regularly swept or vacuumed with the brush roll turned on. Any spills should also be mopped up immediately.

Vinyl Flooring

Nothing screams practicality better than vinyl flooring. It is a popular choice because it’s 100% waterproof and cost-effective. The sheets also come in large sizes, so installation can be done with very few seams in small bathrooms. This type of flooring also comes in many designs.

Natural Stone

Natural stone flooring is a good option but only if you can afford to splurge on your bathroom design. Although natural stone is durable, aesthetically pleasing, and has excellent resale value, it also has a few moisture problems. It can also be slippery, but it can be remedied by having it textured with sandblasting. The only glaring issue with this material, really, is its high cost. But if you can afford it, then you can definitely give it a go.

You can also choose engineered wood or laminate flooring as a bathroom flooring material since they are also great options. But what you really need are people who know what they are doing when it comes to bathroom remodeling and flooring installation. With that being said,  Gallagher Construction will gladly step up to the task. As contractors specializing in bathroom and kitchen remodel in Coeur d’Alene, ID we are confident in our ability to transform your flooring to your desired look. So call us today and let’s discuss your next project.