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The Great Debate: Screened Porch or Open Porch

Having a porch at home offers a multitude of benefits. But that would also depend on what type of porch you have. So should you build a screened porch or an open porch? Read our home improvement tips in Coeur d’Alene to find out.


Beautiful weather, a nice cup of joe, and a comfortable spot on your porch would make the perfect day. Such things are easily enjoyed with a porch at home, allowing for easy access to the beautiful outdoors while remaining in the comfort of your home. But whether you want an open or a screened porch is another question that begs consideration. For that, we at Gallagher Construction are here to help you decide.


What is a screened porch?


Like it says in the name, screened porches are enclosed with screens to offer the best of both worlds between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Safe behind the enclosure, you can fully enjoy the outdoor scenery while remaining protected from the elements and other outdoor nuisances.




  1. Keep bugs away – No one likes getting bothered by bugs while trying to relax on their porch. What’s more, is that you can be safe from potentially harmful bug bites and insects getting into your food.

  3. Filter for allergens – Allergens can cause mild to life-threatening reactions. But even though you suffer from milder ones, having the option of protection is still better than suffering through a bout of miserable sniffling.

  5. Protection from the elements – Although it won’t offer as much shelter as the roof and walls of your home, you can still be covered during milder rain showers and moderately strong winds. For better protection, you can also opt to have glass windows installed apart from screens.

  7. Protection from animals – Raccoons, rats, squirrels, and other small critters are often problems in some neighborhoods. Keep them from making a mess of your porch with screens.

  9. Year-round access – Even with bad or cold weather, you can still enjoy your porch. For additional home improvement ideas for your Coeur d’Alene home, you can also add a fireplace or space heater. This will keep your screened porch warm and comfortable during the cooler months of the year.


What is an open porch?


An open porch is still usually covered with a roof but it won’t have screens around it. Unlike screened porches, open ones will provide a better view of the outdoors.




  1. More affordable – An open porch costs less to build since the process will be simpler and lesser materials will be used. 

  3. An open view – Screened porches offer a filtered view of the outdoors. Meanwhile, open porches give you an unobstructed outdoor view, letting you fully enjoy your surroundings. The downside is that you will be more susceptible to bug bites and the elements.

  5. Easy maintenance – Screened porches are more difficult to clean and maintain. In comparison, an open porch will take less effort to keep in good condition. It’s also much faster to clean.

  7. Great curb appeal – Both open and screened porches are attractive to home buyers. However, an open porch will showcase the home’s architecture in a better way. Plus, it looks more welcoming.


Both options provide plenty of benefits to homeowners. In this case, it will always come down to your preferences. But whether you want a screened porch or an open one, always make sure to choose a trustworthy contractor for the job. Choose us at Gallagher Construction for quality services that never fail to disappoint. And if you would like to read more of our home improvement tips in Coeur d’Alene, go ahead and browse more of our blogs.

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