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The Art of Bathroom Sinks

In today’s generation, house improvement, particularly bathroom remodeling in cities like Sacramento, CA, is slowly becoming a craze. With materials being more unique and creative, everybody wants to add a certain flair to their home. Remodeling, nowadays, has become so advanced that people now have more options than before. From diamond-encrusted bathtubs to toilet seats made out of real gold, more and more people now have the desire to add their own unique twist to make the house their own.

As unusual as it may seem, people think the same way while looking at their bathroom. For practical homeowners, they see their bathroom as a grooming station. For some, the bathroom should look as beautiful as possible – a work of art, if you will. But even those who are detail-oriented usually overlook one integral part of a bathroom: the sink.

The bathroom sink is generally used as a wash area. This is where people often freshen up, brush their teeth and, sometimes, do their laundry. Despite being pretty much overlooked, the flexibility of the bathroom sink in terms of design and installation is worthy of being called a work of art in its own right. Think about it: the material used to make the sink and the faucet, the shapes, sizes, and how it’s integrated into the bathroom as an addition to the overall design,  isn’t that art?

When thinking of a suitable bathroom sink, there are a lot of factors to consider. There is an endless list of possibilities when thinking of sink designs. And since we are already on the subject, here are some things you may want to consider when choosing your bathroom sink:

Size DOES Matter: When choosing your bathroom sink, take into account the size of your bathroom. If your bathroom is small and crowded, the better choice would be for you to purchase a small sink. If you have a spacious bathroom, you would have more options. Size matters as it would not be comfortable to move around a bathroom with a sink that takes up too much space, right? (Let that “sink” in, excuse the pun).

Material Check: People should also think about the materials they want to use. Usually, people use ceramic materials such as porcelain for their sinks. While having that classic look to it, they are usually fragile and prone to cracking. Alternatively, you can use materials such as stainless steel and granite.

The Art Part: There are a lot of bathroom sink designs to choose from. That being said, it eventually boils down to the design that suits you. Before undergoing bathroom remodeling in your Sacramento, CA home, ask yourself this question: do you want your sink to show off its beauty or do you want to keep your sink simple yet elegant? Here are some suggestions for you:

Sticking It to the Wall: If you would want to give your bathroom a minimalistic yet elegant look, then wall hung and washplane sinks are for you. These designs take up minimal space as the sinks are mounted on your wall.

All-around: If you’re into extra storage, then top-mount, undermount, semi-recessed and vessel sinks are for you. These sinks are situated on top of a large counter, usually with cabinets underneath. Since these sinks are integrated into the counter, the space they take up depends on the size of the storage.

Just standing there: If you really want to show off your beautiful sink, then pedestal and console sinks are for you. These are sinks that have their own base. Unlike the other designs, these stand-alone sinks feature the full top-to-bottom design of the sink, highlighting the full design concept of the chosen sink.

Economical, yet Stylish Faucets: In making your faucet look aesthetically pleasing, there is no need for you to spend too much on expensive materials. People can still add some extra flash to their faucets even by using cheaper alternatives. With brass, bronze, or even acrylic gems, people can save money while giving their faucets an elegant, sophisticated look.

Here at J.P. Gallagher Construction, Inc., we are here to help you achieve what you desire for your bathroom sink. Our goal is to help you with bathroom remodeling in your Sacramento, CA home. Being experts in bathroom remodeling, we guarantee to make your bathroom look like a million bucks. By using the right materials, shape, and size for your bathroom sink, we can start turning your bathroom into what you envision it to be. For more information, you can call us through our phone number or you can fill out the form on our CONTACT US page. You can also visit our office at 6380 Tupelo Dr., #8 Citrus Heights.

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