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Simple yet great bathroom upgrades and redesigns

While mulling over what to get for your next project in bathroom remodeling in Sacramento CA, we’ve found out that it helps to think about what a bathroom is to you. Once you’ve settled down, can finally enjoy a taste of the finer things in life and are getting nestled in and cozy in your work, community and household, you can ask: what exactly is a bathroom? It might be menial, or it might seem funny to you at first, but you’ll have to realize that that place where you start your day in, or where you wash off the day after its finished—depending on your line of work, will stick with you with the rest of your life there in your house. Once that settles in, you’ll be looking for upgrades and improvements to make the most out of your living spaces.

Luckily, we have the finest services in bathroom and kitchen remodeling in Sacramento CA. JP Gallagher Construction, Inc. has been in the remodeling and restoration industry now for years, and we’ve satisfied numerous clients, completed a wide variety of jobs for both commercial and residential properties, all while staying committed to our vision and goal of giving only the best service to our customers. Whatever your needs, ideas or aspirations might be for the improvements in those spaces in your home, we can help you do it. You won’t have to worry about all the intricacies and details of the process as we, as professional, full-service general contractors, handle all dirty work for you while you sit in the passenger’s seat and tell us where you would like to go.

A person’s bathroom is undeniably important in their day-to-day life. It reflects the tastes or the current conditions of a person—a college student, for example, would have a different bathroom than a blue collar worker. A busy family of 12 would probably have a different bathroom than a bachelorette. Even if these kinds of things vary from person to person, one thing remains true, and that is our need to clean ourselves—whether this be by washing off or emptying our internal tanks. And everyone, even a college student, or a blue collar worker, or a family, or a bachelorette, would adore and appreciate a bathroom upgrade or remodel. There’s just something about being able to do stuff in the bathroom, or being able to bathe or clean oneself in an impressive space. Have you ever taken a dip beneath a gorgeous waterfall? You’d know what we mean if you have.

Bring that majestic feeling into your house with these trends in bathroom remodeling that we’ve compiled for you:

Storage. Don’t walk around in a cluttered space, especially if your feet are slippery and all your sensitive parts are exposed. It’s just not a good idea. Thankfully, smart storage is becoming more and more of the norm than an exception is bathroom design and remodeling. Cabinets, drawers, and open-shelves that can fit your things and items snugly are a must to a clean, streamlined bathroom space.

Color. Let your colors glow—2018 is steering less from the more subdued color schemes (although subway white tile is still very much in, and won’t die out any time soon), and is becoming more welcoming to bolder patterns that have slight accents and undertones.

Utility. Ease of use is also a critical factor to consider in planning out your bathroom space. You’d want to seamlessly go from toilet, to vanity, to bath, to door, without much interruption or hassle. Ideas like no-threshold showers, comfort-height toilet seats, and floating vanities are some notable elements that ooze utility.

Media. Electronics in the bathroom are becoming more commonplace thanks to advancements in technology. No longer do you need to worry about your phone that’s playing Frank Sinatra getting wet, people have station docks now for that. There are also multiple built-in accessories such as Bluetooth devices and even televisions, so you can watch HBO or Netflix while you’re scrubbing yourself down.

Heating. Do you want to sit in the lap of luxury? Well, now, you can stand on it. In-floor heating tiles are becoming a huge trend in bathroom remodeling thanks to the many people who want to keep their feet warm after a good cold bath or shower. Having a cozy and snug little hum in the bathroom after a good wash might just be one of the greatest ideas mankind has ever invented.

Excited? We are too. Hire JP Gallagher Construction Inc. now for all of your needs in bathroom remodeling in Sacramento CA. Have your project done by seasoned experts and licensed professionals, and enjoy the results of great workmanship and dedication to customer satisfaction and experience. Call us up now at 208-635-5326, or fill up our form on our contact page!