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Preventing Water and Fire Damage in Your Home

At JP Gallagher Construction Inc., we are in the business of water damage restoration in Sacramento as well as fire damage repair. What we are most interested in, is keeping our customers safe and living in damage-free homes. In the unfortunate case that your home should experience a fire or water disaster, we are always ready to help. However, we are also concerned with preventative methods to keep fire and water damage at bay. In this article, we will discuss ways to keep your home safe from both fire and water damages.

Water Damage Prevention

There are several ways to keep your home from experiencing water damage. Your home likely uses a number of different appliances that utilize water for everyday household activities. One of the easiest ways to keep your house safe from water damage is to frequently check these appliances for leaks.

The washing machine is one of the biggest culprits for leaking water. There may be a slow leak in the hose that leads from the water source to the washer itself. This fixture needs to be checked regularly to prevent damage to the floor or the wall directly behind your washer. The plumbing leading to your shower is also very easily disassembled due to an almost constant stream of heavily pressurized water. The joints on all of the pipes leading to any shower or sink should also be frequently checked for leaks. This can be done easily by looking under sinks for pools of water or by installing an easy access compartment to shower plumbing.

One of the most common ways for water to get into your home is through the roof. Outside water either comes from the ground or the sky. The saying goes that when it rains, it pours. Make sure this isn’t the case in your home by replacing faulty shingles or tiles on your roof and having it inspected regularly for leaks. This is the same case for gutters or downspouts leading from your roof to the ground. These are installed to take the water that runs down the roof away from the siding of your house and directly to the ground or a rainwater gathering system. If one of these becomes faulty, it can lead to major water damage to the siding or roof of your home. Should you need water damage restoration in Sacramento, it may be necessary to contact a professional to replace any of these items.

Fire Damage Prevention

To prevent a fire disaster, make sure that all electrical appliances and connections are intact. Flammable materials should be properly stored and kept away from children’s and pets’ reach. And, turn off and unplug all electrical appliances when not in use.

In the unfortunate event of a fire, there are a few things you can do to minimize damage from fire or smoke. The first thing that you want to do is to make sure that it is safe to enter. After taking all of the safety precautions necessary, you will want to open the windows to ensure that you are getting maximum ventilation to the rooms affected by the fire. A fire can leave a lot of damage behind from burnt materials. Sweep or vacuum the carpets or rugs to prevent soot or burned materials from setting in or permanently damaging upholstery. As it is likely that you will have had to use water to put out the fire, make sure to remove all wooden furniture from the area and properly dry them to ensure no permanent damage sets in.

These are merely a few tips to follow to prevent water or fire damage from occurring in your home. Should you require Sacramento fire damage repair or water restoration, call JP Gallagher Construction Inc. at 916-722-0623, and we’ll be happy to help restore your home to its former glory.