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JP Gallagher and the Fight against Drugs

Bathroom remodeling in Sacramento, CA is at the forefront of countering the intake of illegal narcotics, but how so? Let’s take a look at how contractors like us are helping commercial establishments help in hindering drug use, abuse, and overdose within their own establishments.

  • The Setup

Sacramento, a place known for its lakes, museums, and overall scenery. It is a city that people of all walks of life would want to visit and maybe even stay in. But this area is not all glitz and glamour. Communities and neighborhoods across Sacramento are locked in a cycle so vicious, that not only has it put families and individuals at risk, it has also claimed the lives of people since it spread across the streets. Heroin and methamphetamine are the drugs of choice among people who have been exposed to the drug scene. Because of its ease of access and ability to be melted into liquid, those who have developed a tolerance to “weaker” drugs are shooting it straight through their veins.

  • The location

A growing number of these victims are seen to be shooting the drug in public bathrooms. Now the question is, why public bathrooms? Well for one, it’s easily accessible. One could simply enter a random commercial establishment, ask for the bathroom, and start the deed there. Another one is the fact that these public bathrooms aren’t being guarded or monitored with CCTVs. This makes drug addicts free to simply inject themselves with the drug without them worrying about being caught in the process. Now, what is being done about this issue?

  • The process

In order to stop junkies from turning a public bathroom into their personal drug den, installation of dim blue lights is being experimented on. The whole procedure is fairly easy to do given the right color theme of the bathroom. All one has to do is replace the existing bulbs with dim blue light. If someone decides to do a quick heroin rush in their bathroom, they will find it hard to locate their vein. This, in turn, makes it difficult to inject the drug in the right location thus discouraging them from continuing the session. But is this solution foolproof? No.

  • The problem

There are factors that one would have to consider with this process. Some experts argue that dim blue light did little to no effect in hindering junkies from utilizing public bathrooms. They argue that the drug would still take effect regardless of where it was injected. So, knowing that problem, where do we come in?

  • JP Gallagher’s Analysis

In a construction standpoint, one would have to consider that the effectivity of the blue light would depend on the color of the bathroom. If the color blue would, let’s say, blend with a dark red-colored room, chances are that the resulting color would turn blackish violet. The intended purpose of such an initiative wouldn’t be served thus making it seem as though it’s not effective to begin with. It is therefore important for those in the commercial business to restructure their bathroom to accommodate the blue light initiative. It is advisable to utilize light colored paint on public bathrooms to amplify the effects of the blue light. If one opts to use dark colored tiles or paint with blue light installed, the whole place might not be conducive for even the normal functions of a bathroom.

  • JP Gallagher’s Solution

For us here at JP Gallagher, we believe that bathroom remodeling in Sacramento, CA is key in maximizing the blue light initiative. As stated above, if the initial color used in making the bathroom does not support the installed blue light, it defeats the purpose. That’s why we advise installing tiles that retain or support the color of the blue light. White, for example, is perfect as it accents the blue light all throughout the bathroom, keeping junkies from turning it into a drug den. If you have a tiled bathroom that negates the effects of the blue light, you might want to consider replacing it with a more suitable color. The trick here is to know which color would support the color blue. And while changing the overall color of your bathroom is indeed an investment on your part, you are also doing your part for the community.

We’re taking the initiative to help reduce the number of overdoses and hinder users from becoming abusers. It is never a good thought to be an instrument of illegal activity, especially if you never intended to. Do your part for the community and stop the drug abuse in your own way. Partner with JP Gallagher and we’ll find solutions for your establishment. Give us a call today so we can start discussing renovation plans. You can also message us through our CONTACT US page or send us an email. You can also head down to our office in Citrus Heights, CA so you can relay your inquiries directly with us.

JP Gallagher is playing a vital role in the war on drugs through dynamic bathroom remodeling in Sacramento, CA, but we know we can’t accomplish our goals without your help. Be part of the cause, partner with us today!