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How to Remodel Your Home to Be More Adaptive to Seniors and Disabled People

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Our requirement for comfortable living in the very same home actually changes as we get older or develop physical difficulties. Convenience and mobility will eventually be considerations as some of us near the golden years. It’s at this point that we should plan to remodel the home to meet our needs.

The quality of life for seniors and those with disabilities can be significantly improved with such a design strategy. Find a specialist in residential remodeling in Hayden, ID, who can help sustain the independence of movement among them. Here are some useful suggestions for creating friendlier surroundings.


  • Prioritize Accessibility

Ensure that the entire house is easy to get to for those who have aged and are having a harder time moving around. This must be one of the top priorities of your renovation. The plan for passage in the home must be free from obstacles, such as décor pieces like a little cabinet here and a tiny table there.

Make doors and hallways wider for wheelchairs to pass through. Install ramps or stairlifts to eliminate barriers between floors. Have grab bars, raised toilet seats, walk-in showers, and non-slip flooring in the bathroom. The kitchen should be designed with a lower countertop, a matching sink, and adjustable drawers.


  • Improve Lighting

For visual impairments or age-related vision problems, good lighting is essential. Improve visibility by placing lights that are brighter and more evenly spaced. In workspaces like the kitchen or study, use task lighting. Add motion-sensor lights to restrooms, corridors, or stairs to improve evening mobility.

Skylights or the use of sheer curtains increase the amount of natural light in the residence. It will also help people with impaired eyesight to better distinguish between various surfaces and items by using contrasting colors on the furniture, floor, and walls.


  • Safety Features

Safety must come first. Place secured railings on both sides of stairways. Use non-slip flooring materials in parts of the home that may get wet, like the kitchen, bathroom, and patio. Remove uneven levels between rooms by installing ramps for transition. Lever handles should be used in place of conventional door knobs.


Last but not least, make sure that fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide detectors, and smoke detectors are all functional and accessible. For all of the above, you can get tips on residential remodeling in Hayden, ID, or whichever part of the country you’re in.

  • Comfort and Convenience

Practical living space is essential to the well-being of seniors and the disabled. Select ergonomic furniture with sufficient support and simple mobility. Choose adjustable beds or recliners to help you unwind. Ensure that important things, like medications, eyeglasses, hearing aids, and such, may be found easily. 

Most of all, integrate smart technologies into their lives. Provide voice-activated gadgets, automatic lighting, thermostats, and security systems in the home. Use electronic devices that can help with reminding people to take their medications, scheduling their appointments, or sending a call for emergency assistance.

  • A Comfortable Ride to the Sunset

What a gentle and pleasant thought that is: journeying in comfort as you approach the twilight years. That’s easily brought about by designing a home that’s suited to seniors and those with disabilities. Members should get the advice of experts on residential remodeling in Hayden, ID, and occupational therapists.

Make sure that all parts of the house are easily accessible. Improve lighting and visibility. Enhance its safety features to primarily prevent imbalance. Incorporate comfortable furniture and convenient smart features into the home. With careful planning, it can support the needs of a senior or an individual with a disability. For inquiries, call us at 208-635-5326 or get in touch with us at

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