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Drip, Drip, Flood – The effects of water damage on your home

JP Gallagher Construction Inc. offers top-of-the-line services in remodelling and restoration in Sacramento CA. We specialize in fire, water, and collision restoration for when something unfortunate happens in, or around your household. We have emergency 24/7 services catering to extremely urgent situations. We are fully licensed, insured and bonded for your protection. Our team of service professionals guarantee that you get excellent quality customer service, and nothing less than great workmanship for the projects you hire us for. Our team at JP Gallagher Construction is your group of go-to guys for anything renovation, remodelling, or restoration related in the Sacramento Valley area.

Most people fairly understand the meaning of fire damage. It’s very visible—singed furniture, burned down walls, previously cozy and comfortable homes turned into ashes. It’s a sad sight, but fortunately it’s not the end. JP Gallagher Construction Inc. are experts at remodelling and restoration in Sacramento CA, and dealing with fire-related damages on your property. Water damage, though, is another beast that creeps up on you after weeks and weeks of lurking around the corners. We’re here to help.

Water damage usually comes about after heavy rains and melting snow, ending up damaging furniture, upholstery, electronics, household appliances, plumbing equipment, etc. It also can bring about mold growth which is a difficult problem with expensive solutions. Water damage is usually caused by different sources: leaky pipes, snowmelts, broken hoses and appliances that overflow. The problem is, water damage is difficult to spot because it often takes place in non-visible areas of the house like behind walls, below floors or inside cupboards. Another important thing to remember is that once water damage starts and is not repaired immediately, it will get absolutely worse. It’s important that you get it fixed right away. The help of experienced service professionals, like our team at JP Gallagher Construction Inc., make the process easier.

How do you know you have water damage? Check for the following signs:

  • Pools of water. Puddles are the usual tell-tale signs that you have a leaky pipe or appliance, and this can result in water damage in the long term. The area where the water accumulates serve as leads to the source of the damage.
  • Check for stains around windows, door frames, ceilings and walls. These are important because they tell you if there is pipe or drain damage. These usually are yellow, brown or copper wet-looking spots.
  • Texture changes. Warping and buckling are normally-seen changes in texture when water damage is present. Warping is when there are gaps between floorboards or curling at the edges. Buckling is when wooden boards rise at the middle and create tent-shapes.
  • Bad smell. Odors usually occur when there are molds and mildews. This is a health hazard and may cause breathing complications. Drywall can also sponge up in texture and act as breeding grounds for molds.

Water damage is no joke. If it starts, and you leave it alone to worsen, it’s guaranteed that you’ll regret it as it hurts not only your house and the comfort it offers, but also the budget you work hard for. There are a few things you may want to look for when hiring for companies to help you with water damage restoration: an excellent track record, and that they are fully licensed and insured. Being insured and letting your insurance company know right away about the extent of the damage can begin with the claims process immediately to help you solve your problem. They then direct you to a reliable company they may have previously worked with in the past.

After doing what you possibly can to temporarily stop the source of the water, contact your local house repair company. If you’re located around Central Valley, contact JP Gallagher Construction Inc. for great-quality services in remodelling and restoration in Sacramento CA. With the help of knowledgeable and licensed professionals, the repair process from assessment, to water removal, to house restoration will become so much easier.