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Do’s and Don’ts While Waiting for the Fire Restoration Team

Being in a fire accident is a tragic and painful experience that is usually overwhelming. It can be difficult to think clearly on what you should do next in order to address the issue. After losing your possessions and possibly certain areas of your home, you are faced with the task of getting your life back on track. The wisest decision to make is to call a professional Sacramento fire damage repair company to assist you. Not only are they trained specialists, but they also have the proper equipment to help you throughout this process.

Once you have called up your chosen fire damage repair company, there a few things that you can do and avoid while you are waiting for their team to arrive. Below, you will get to know of the do’s and don’ts:


  • Shut off or unplug devices and appliances: If there is water all around from when the fire department put off the fire, it is important to make sure that all electric, gas, and water supplies are turned off.
  • Protect your furniture: While you are waiting, you can place aluminum foil or plastic under your heavy furniture in order to protect them.
  • Watch your step and cover your nose: Be careful if the fire has just been put out, some areas may still be heated or exposed to smoke and other hazards that are not good for the health. If you must enter, make sure to watch your step and cover your nose so that you do not inhale the smoke.
  • Stay away from affected areas: If it is not necessary to go inside your home, avoid entering the affected areas as you are not certain if it is safe to go in.
  • Store documents in the freezer: If your freezer is still in proper condition, you can always store your valuable papers and books in the freezer in order to prevent any further damage. You can place these items inside a plastic bag for safety.
  • Gather important valuables: If you think it is not possible to stay in your home, try to gather all your valuables and immediate belongings to take with you.


  • Enter your home: If you have not been given the go signal by the authorities, then it might not be safe for you to enter the premises.
  • Fix your home yourself: Since you are not fully aware of what is going on inside your home and you may not have the proper training and equipment to stop a fire, it is important to save yourself and let the emergency restoration professionals do their job.
  • Allow pets or anyone else into your home: If there is soot and smoke still present after the fire, it is best to stay away from it. Otherwise, it can be dangerous and even bad for one’s health.

Now that you are aware of the do’s and don’ts as you wait for your professional Sacramento fire damage repair company, you are more prepared to face these difficult times. Our team at JP Gallagher Construction understands the horror you may face, which is why we want to help you get your life back together through our repair and recovery services. Contact us today at 208-635-5326.