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Contractor’s Cookbook: Working with a Small Kitchen

With bathroom and kitchen expansion being more and more of a luxury than it is a necessity, more and more Americans are learning to work with what little space they already have. Bathroom and kitchen remodeling in Sacramento, CA, for example, is becoming more popular these days than it was 10 or 20 years ago. This is thanks in part to the fact that contractors nowadays have the ability to make clients’ spaces seem bigger than they actually are. These techniques are brought up from the notion that expansion is no longer a viable option for a growing number of Americans (mainly due to budget cuts). But exactly how do contractors make it happen? Moreover, how do contractors, such as us, turn small rooms into spacious areas without actually having to remodel the whole floor plan? We‘ve already talked extensively about bathrooms in our past blogs, so why not kitchens too? This article is specifically focused more on kitchens (although it may also apply to other areas of the house, such as bathrooms).

To find out, we’re going to give you a sneak peek of the techniques… hacks, if you’d like to call them, and hopefully, this will speak to you and convince you to get yours done as well.

It might not come as a surprise when the first one on this list has something to do with colors. Some of you may ask “what does color have to do with space?” Well, our dear readers, colors can actually provide the illusion of space. How so? For one, certain types of colors, especially white, are good reflectors of light. Light colors give off the impression that the room is more spacious. With that in mind, painting the kitchen with tones similar to that of the main color makes the kitchen a lot roomier. The colors of countertops and tables should also be of the same hue so as not to disrupt the seamlessness of the room.

Next on the list is lighting. While artificial light may help in brightening up the room, nothing beats natural light. Now, this goes well with a light-colored kitchen. As natural light enters freely into the light-colored room, the illusion of space becomes amplified. Installing bigger windows could help invite more light into the room. But if window installation is simply out of the question for you, then artificial light would suffice. Install lighting underneath, on top, and inside cupboards and cabinets to brighten up the entire room, utilizing the effects of light-colored walls in the process to further enhance the illusion of space and airiness.

Are you still with us? Good. Because the next hack on the list is all about flooring. Do you guys know about the illusion of clothing patterns? Like how vertical stripes make the wearer look taller? The same principle applies in bathroom and kitchen remodeling not only in Sacramento, CA homes but also in any kind of home across the country and even the entire globe. If you feel as though parts of your home, like your kitchen, are looking a bit boxy, try having contractors install elongated flooring patterns. Not only will the room look longer, but it will also add a touch of beauty and flair to the area.

We would like to give you more but where’s the fun in that, right? If you want to see for yourself how contractors like us turn your cramped space into a spacious, airy room without having to demolish a whole section of it in the process, give JP Gallagher a try. Our team of highly skilled contractors and workers understand the secret ways of creating space in cramped areas and execute them with extraordinary precision. For more information, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us a message via our form or through email.

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