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Consider This Before You Do Bathroom Remodeling in your Sacramento, CA Home.

With the rise of higher home equities, people nowadays have converted from moving place to place, buying and selling their property, into sticking to just one place and making the best out of what they have. Bathroom remodeling in areas like Sacramento, CA, for example, is seen to have increased since the recession. This means people are looking at their properties in a new perspective. Instead of temporarily living in one place for a couple of years or so, they are now opting to improve their homes and adding more features that would benefit them and make their living experience a lot easier.

The most common home remodeling projects being done these days are for the improvements of living room, kitchen, and bathroom. We would like to focus on bathroom remodeling as it too deserves a spotlight. Time and time again, people would want to improve their bathrooms but do not know how to begin. That’s why you see people more engaged when it comes to living room or kitchen remodeling. We aim to give you factors that you should consider before you tackle that elusive bathroom project of yours.

Lighting – lighting is an integral part of the bathroom experience and no, we’re not making fun of the topic here. Lighting is considered important when remodeling your bathroom as it accents the overall theme of the room. Much like the bedroom, it helps set the mood. Remember that the bathroom is supposed to be inviting and comforting, so if you were to choose the lighting, mild colors would be the way to go.

Cabinets – if you’re going to remodel your bathroom, it would be important to consider if you are going to use it to stock some supplies like towels, soap, or medicine. Some people make the mistake of being “minimalistic” in their design but forget to consider where they will be placing their supplies. Once the bathroom is remodeled, they would try to incorporate cabinets into it. But because the design does not cater to cabinetry, the look of the bathroom is ruined altogether. They would end up having to redo the whole bathroom again.

Wall-hung toilets – wall-hung toilets are becoming a trend in the home remodeling industry these days. More and more people are leaning towards having toilets and sinks that protrude from the wall instead of having the traditional standing ones. This is primarily due to the fact that mounted toiletries are considered to be more elegant than traditional ones. But don’t go deciding on going for a subway-style public urinal, no. You also have to consider the design of your toiletry if you are going with this look.

Shower window – unless you’re opting to have a shower room that your car would fit in, having a window right there is an excellent way to eliminate that sense of being boxed in. Showers, in general, aren’t very spacious but only enough for one to move around while bathing. Windows can add a sense of space into the seemingly claustrophobic space. It also provides an escape route for steam. Steam buildup can create moisture. Moisture, in turn, breeds molds; and molds, well… they mean a problem for you. Consider that before you continue on with your bathroom design. Remember to consider privacy when choosing window types, not only for the shower, but the bathroom in general. Bathrooms are supposed to be private, so make sure to install small windows on the upper walls of the room.

Tiles – tiles are important as it is the perfect accompaniment for any bathroom remodeling in Sacramento, CA or any other place for that matter. They are waterproof, easy to clean, and does not promote mold buildup (given you always clean your bathroom). But in bathroom remodeling, one thing that has to be considered other than the tile pattern is the size of the tiles to be used. Bathroom floors would have to be slightly sloped towards a drainage. So the flooring material would have to accommodate the angle of the floor. Bigger tiles would cover more space, therefore, reducing the need to buy a lot. The problem is that it wouldn’t be as forgiving as smaller tiles. These tiles are more forgiving in terms of pattern and design, it is also more accommodating to the angle of your floor because less cutting is needed.

Shower vs. Tub – this is more than a matter of perception. There is a difference between the benefits of showers and tubs. Tubs are a sign of sophistication and comfort, so if you want to go for a bathroom that caters to that idea, go for a bathtub. Showers, on the other hand, are more convenient for your wallet as the amount of water used when showering is a lot less than using a tub. Either way, it’s all up to you. But be mindful that when you’re going for a shower in your remodeling design, it would cost you again to have it replaced by a bathtub.

There are more factors to consider when doing bathroom remodeling in your Sacramento, CA home, but one thing’s for sure: when in doubt, ask the help of  remodeling experts like us, so your remodeling project will sure to bring you contentment for years to come. Here at J.P. Gallagher Construction, Inc., we provide you with all your remodeling needs. Check out what we have to offer by calling us or sending us an email. You can also go to our CONTACT page and fill out the form provided for you. You deserve the best features for your home. So choose the people who can make it happen, choose J.P. Gallagher!