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Bathtub Vs. Shower – Which is Better?

Taking a bath is almost a sacred affair whether you’re in Coeur d’Alene, ID or any other place as it’s meant to ease your mind and body from the day’s stresses. That’s why your bathroom needs to be a place that oozes relaxation. Everything from the accessories to the design must be something that signals comfort for you. But if bathing has simply become a chore and you’re not at all a fan of how your bathroom looks, it’s time to get a bathroom to remodel in Coeur d’Alene, ID. Choosing designs and accessories you like is somewhat easy but when it comes to choosing whether to install a bathtub or a shower, the choice becomes harder.

So how do you decide? Both options are sold in a variety of styles. They come in multiple materials, and they both offer therapeutic water flow options. However, both of them also have distinct advantages, and this blog will help you along with your decision.


  • Bathtubs are generally cheaper to install which makes it the more cost-effective choice when it comes to bathroom remodels in Coeur d’Alene, ID.
  • Having a bathtub will help raise the resale value of your home since most home buyers do not like the idea of a master bathroom with only a shower stall.
  • Families with small children will prefer homes with bathtubs since it is easier for them to bathe their children in a tub.


  • If you are keen on conserving water, then have a walk-in shower installed because it doesn’t use as much water compared to bathtubs. If you shorten your shower time, you will be able to save water even more.
  • Bathtubs are great for relieving body aches and pain but all of that is wasted on cleaning it. A hot shower is also great for relieving sore muscles and compared to bathtubs, you get the added benefit that it is far easier to clean.
  • Showers take up less space. This is a huge benefit for people with small bathrooms because you can free up space for other important bathroom fixtures.
  • Showers provide easier access for people who are elderly or those who have mobility issues. You can even have grab bars and benches installed for easier use.

Now, both bathtubs and showers are great options. But your choice will ultimately depend on multiple factors such as your budget, the size of your bathroom, your preference, and your needs. For bigger homes with multiple bathrooms, you can install a bathtub in the master bathroom and have showers installed in the other ones. For a smaller home with cramped bathroom space, a shower stall would be the more practical choice.

No matter which you prefer, you need professionals who know how to install them properly. So if you are ever in need of contractors who can remodel your bathroom and install its features, call us at Gallagher Construction. Specializing in bathroom and kitchen remodel in Coeur d’Alene, ID, we will make sure that your bathroom is remodeled to your specifications. Call us today!