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Bathroom Remodeling Tips You Should Know

Remodeling is always a fun project, especially if you’ve never done it before. You get to change things up and choose new designs. You can install whatever fixtures you want. And you get to transform the room any way you want. Most often, bathrooms are the number one place that homeowners love to remodel. That’s because bathroom space is smaller which makes the job a little easier. Plus, a smaller space means reduced cost. But if you’re doing a bathroom remodel for the first time in Coeur d’Alene, ID here are a few tips you should know to help you along.

Create a Solid Budget

When you decide to transform the look of your home into the specific design you want, you are investing in your property. That is true for any type of remodeling you are making including bathroom remodels in Coeur d’Alene, ID which can cost as much as you let it. Without a proper and solid budget, you’ll find that costs can spiral out of control, especially if you choose any material you want without considering its price. So planning and sticking to your budget is crucial for a successful and well-planned remodel. But although you have a fixed budget, keep a little extra on the side because you never know if there will be unexpected problems that will increase the cost later on.

Plan Your Bathroom

Once you have a budget, you can work on what you want your bathroom to look like. Start by talking with everyone who will be using the space. Discuss fixtures and finishes that you want to use so that everyone is in agreement and nothing is wasted. You can also discuss what type of bathroom you want. Do you want a full bath, half bath, or wet bath? It all depends on your collective needs. But if you’re having trouble settling on a design, talk to a professional remodeling contractor and ask for their advice.

  • Choose Recessed Shelves

Bathrooms often don’t have enough storage space. If you want to add more without making it look cramped, opt for recessed storage because it can make your bathroom look more spacious. You can even do this for your ceiling light.

  • Don’t Forget about Bathroom Ventilation

By code, all bathrooms should have some type of ventilation. For this, you can either choose to have a window installed or a bathroom exhaust fan instead. But if you choose an exhaust fan, consider the exhaust capacity and how much noise they emit.

  • The Right Flooring is Crucial

Bathrooms should have a specific type of flooring and while solid wood floors may add a lot of character, they are not the best type of flooring for your bathroom. Instead, choose the flooring that can withstand the daily traffic that bathrooms receive. You can even choose synthetic, waterproof flooring that looks like wood if that’s the design you want.

If you’re ready to start your bathroom remodeling project, choose us at  Gallagher Construction to do the job. As experienced remodelers, we can offer the best advice when it comes to your budget and your chosen design. We will also help you choose the best materials so you are satisfied not just with the outcome but the process as well. We specialize in bathroom and kitchen remodels in Coeur d’Alene, ID but whatever your remodeling needs are, we can do it for you.