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What is the Purpose of Commercial Tenant Improvement?

The space most tenants want to rent may require some form of renovation to make it suitable for the needs of the occupant. This is when an agreement called Tenant Improvement Allowance will have to be drawn up between the landlord and the soon-to-be occupant to share the costs associated with renovating the place. This […]

What is the Most Practical Home Renovation this 2023?

This year is all about bringing peace and happiness to one another. For homeowners, it’s also a sign of making changes in their homes, not just for their safety but also to keep up with the current home renovation trends in 2023. However, you should only consider what part of your home needs to be […]

A Guide to Home Accessibility Modifications

If you have an elderly or physically disabled family member, we suggest that you do consider home improvement tips in Coeur d’Alene  to create a more accessible space for your family as well as provide safety. Doing this intervention will not only allow the family member with specific needs to have more privacy but also […]

Why You Should Consider Having Room Additions at Home

There are too many considerations that come into the picture when the decision to expand the home looms its expensive head in one’s life. Generally, the most obvious among them is you can now afford the renovation. The second is it’s already feeling a bit cramped at home and the family needs the extra space. […]

What to Consider When Planning a Home Addition

Home renovations and additions can come in many forms depending on your purpose. You can make your home more functional, add to its aesthetic appeal, or renovate your living space into something that reflects your personality. And if you think it’s time to build the space you’ve been dreaming of, we at Gallagher Construction will […]

Home Renovations: Deciding on What to Do

Starting to get bored and uneasy with how your home looks? Saw some interesting and aesthetic home interiors in a home magazine and want to try them out? Then maybe it’s time to change things up and look into home renovations. To help you avoid mistakes along the way and regrets later on, we gathered […]

Home Remodel – Where to Start

The idea of improving one’s home can be a formidable task. It is certainly not a project that a homeowner can undertake without professional assistance in planning and, most especially, implementation. In Coeur d’Alene and other places in North Idaho, home improvement ideas are available from professionals.   General home upgrades, the remodeling of your […]

Top Reasons to Remodel Your Home – Part 2

Remodeling is oftentimes a time-consuming, complicated, and expensive endeavor. However, the results are always worth it, especially if your purpose is to upgrade your home to make it more energy-efficient and functional. But the reasons don’t just end there. There are plenty of good reasons to remodel your home, and we are going to talk […]