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Get Complete Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations in Athol, ID from Gallagher Construction

Most homeowners opt for kitchen and bathroom renovations out of necessity. The appliances and fixtures could already be outdated and racking up utility bills, causing more impracticality by the day. It could also be that you simply want to update these rooms for more functionality at home. Whatever the case, we at Gallagher Construction can achieve your desired kitchen or bathroom renovations in Athol, ID. We also serve nearby areas, such as Hayden, Coeur d’Alene, and Post Falls. 

Outdated kitchens and bathrooms tend to cause more trouble in the long run. And since old designs are often centered around big bulky fixtures and appliances, you tend to not have enough space in either room. So if you want a kitchen or bathroom update to make more room for storage or to replace old appliances and fixtures with new, more energy-efficient ones, opting for a renovation is the right move. This is also a great way to add more value to your home if you’re thinking about selling in the future. 

Reasons to Renovate Your Kitchen and Bathroom
If you’re on the fence on whether you should get kitchen or bathroom renovations in Athol, ID, taking a look at our list below may help you make a decision.

Eliminate Inconvenience – Some kitchens have an awkward layout that makes it hard to move in, making your cooking experience simply unpleasant. Improve the functionality of your kitchen space by renovating and making it work for you.

Eliminate Safety Issues – Does your bathroom have broken tiles, leaky faucets, or plumbing problems? Broken tiles and water leakage can cause slip and fall accidents of varying degrees that lead to wounds or other serious injuries. Constant moisture could also lead to mold growth. Get rid of these problems by updating your bathroom.

Upgrade for Your Family – Do you have a growing family with tiny tots walking around your home? Update your kitchen and bath to accommodate your family’s needs. Add more storage space to your kitchen with a more spacious counter to entertain guests and an additional snack counter for the kids. You can also opt for a minimalist bathroom to make it safer for your children or add functional storage space for more bathroom essentials.

Achieve all of these and more with Gallagher Construction’s top-notch kitchen and bathroom renovations in Athol, ID. Call us at 208 635 5326 to get started.