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Adding Space to Your Home: The Ultimate Guide to Room Additions


Your house is more than simply a place to sleep; it’s a breathing blank canvas for the family, your private den, the children’s game room, and your way of life. Adding spaces to your home can be a residential remodeling project in Hayden, ID, and is a thrilling project as it enlarges your living area.


Whether you want to make room for a growing family, build a home office, or construct more space for rest, your intention will determine the key considerations you need to deliberate on. We’ll touch on them and the different types of room additions that homeowners usually choose.

7 Types of Room Additions

• Bedroom – Adding a bedroom is great for growing families or a home in need of a guest room for Gramps and Granny during the holidays. Consider an ensuite bathroom for greater convenience.

• Bathroom – A second bathroom in your home is a wise addition. It can ease congestion during the morning rush and improve the curb appeal of your house.

• Home Office – Your productivity can increase with a home office. Your business and personal lives can also remain separate. Keep in mind that a workspace must have good illumination and soundproofing.

• Kitchen Expansion – Your kitchen can be made more useful by expanding it. This will improve your ability to prepare meals and eat in comfort. For a modern appearance, think about open-plan layouts.

• Living Room Enlargement – More space for family gatherings and entertaining party guests can both be had in a larger living room.

• Hobby Room – Make a space for what appeals to you. It can be for crafts, a den, or any other area that might interest you personally. A game room for the whole family is another consideration.

• Sunroom – This is perfect for relaxing, reading, and indoor gardening because it has lots of natural light. It can be used as an extra dining room or entertainment area as well.


7 Key Considerations
(Tips from a remodeling contractor in Hayden, ID)

• Budget – Decide on a spending plan and stick to it. Don’t just focus on the price of construction. Include extra charges like licenses, architectural services, and interior design.

• Local Regulations – Look into building permits and zoning regulations from your municipality. A project depends on adherence to these regulations.

• Design – Make sure the new space blends in seamlessly with the existing framework and enhances the beauty of your house as a whole.

• Energy Efficiency – Invest in energy-efficient windows, insulation, and heating & cooling systems to make your added space environmentally friendly. Your utility expenses will decrease as a result.

• Timeframe – Expanding your home will be a major undertaking and could take several months. Be patient and plan accordingly.

• Functionality – Consider how the extra space will fit into your routine and the layout of your house. Take accessibility and convenience into account.

• Professional Help – Hire qualified experts, such as interior designers, contractors, and architects. They will assist you in efficiently planning and carrying out the job.


Build it Better. Build it Right.

Adding rooms to your house should meet your changing needs, improve your quality of life, and even raise your property’s value. Over and above careful planning, adherence to local laws, adherence to budget, and making the added space energy efficient, you must hire qualified personnel.

Your house should become a home that’s a reflection of your vision and lifestyle. Get in touch with Gallagher Construction. We are licensed, insured, and have been in the business for three decades. Call 208-635-5326. We guarantee work that’s on time and on budget.